Wednesday, June 13, 2007

ClickAudit - Link Tracker, Click Tracker, URL Cloaker

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Track your links....

ClickAudit link tracker and ad tracker allows you to track how many times each of your links or ads have been clicked. It is an online link tracker and ad tracker that displays statistics and data for all of your links and ads in real-time.

It is ideal for tracking your affiliate links and marketing campaigns and gives you "at-a-glance" information 24/7. View detailed statistics of all your links. Automatically calculate the cost of advertising campaigns or PPC search engine placements. Keep track of affiliate programs to make sure their click-through figures match yours etc etc.
  • Track your clicks in real time
  • Easy to use ad tracker
  • Shorten and track your long, ugly affiliate links
  • Protect your affiliate commissions from being "by-passed"
  • Dynamically edit your links
  • Change outdated affiliate links and ads dynamically
  • Use it for URL redirection>
  • Track how many times your eBooks, files, or reports have been downloaded
  • Track the number of clicks on links on your site
  • Track clicks on banners
  • Track clicks on text links in your emails, newsletter or ezine
  • Track all your ads and affiliate links
  • Track links to external sites and services
  • Track clicks on your links from newsletters and external web sites
  • Track which links are performing the best including cost per click
  • Save time, money and effort by identifying the best performing ads and links
  • 24/7 online reporting in real time
  • Quickly see how well all your marketing campaigns are performing

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