Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Widgetbox - Directory of Web Widgets

Why Use Widgetbox

Wigetbox widgets make blogging better, smarter and easier.

We Make Widgets Come Alive

We make widgets come alive.

Once a widget is on your blog, you can reconfigure it to your heart’s content without going near HTML. Developers can fix bugs and upgrade your widget’s functionality without you having to re-install the HTML code.

We Make Your Blog Smarter

We make your blogs smarter.

Widgetbox widgets can respond to your blog posts and website content. We call these widgets “Tag Aware”. Here’s some things you can do with it. We’ll be adding more smart blog features in the coming months.

Widget Panels

Widget Panels.

Widgetbox widget panel lets you drag and drop widgets onto a special panel in your blog. Never deal with widget installation again!

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